"Je kunt pas een ander coachen als je jezelf kunt coachen"

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Coach traject (Anna Dankers, Philips)

It`s a great experience to have someone looking out for your best interests and guiding you in the right direction. I had several meetings with Joost and he helped me to identify and improve my skills.
This was enormously useful in my future career and professional development. I felt he fully understands my needs. His coaching style is very calming and supportive. Joost is real, honest and trustworthy. He is a great listener with extensive training and tools, which he used to guide me through the process. I`m extremely grateful for his help. He helped me to improve and find my confidence again.

Anna Dankers

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Interim: Hanco Sinke,...

Joost proved himself to be an all round controller, with his experience and background he is able to embed control activities and provide added value to the organization in a short timeframe. In addition Joost showed he has affinity for managing and coaching people.Hanco Sinke Senior Manager Financial Control Operations at ASML managed Joost at ASML...